Class Elections at DSF

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary Online Editors-in-Chief Each spring, Freeman holds class election for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The class sponsors each hold elections and the students elect their president and other officers by voting via Schoology. This year, Freeman students elected two new presidents and re-elected one incumbent to represent their interests … Continue reading Class Elections at DSF

Track Runs in the Perkins Family

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary Online Editors-in-Chief Junior Jake Perkins and freshman Bradley Perkins are brothers and teammates. They have been playing sports together since they were young. As children, they enjoyed playing football and running track together. “We both started playing football and then in the off-seasons we’d find other stuff to do like … Continue reading Track Runs in the Perkins Family

2019 Student-Faculty Basketball Game Cancelled

Salaar Khan and Gretchen Neary  Online Editors-in-Chief On the seniors’ last day of school, it is Freeman tradition to hold a student-faculty basketball game/pep rally in the big gym. While the concept seems simple, the event requires many different logistics to be planned months in advance. A team of seniors must be formed, a team … Continue reading 2019 Student-Faculty Basketball Game Cancelled

Non-Profit Fair

By Salaar Khan and Gretchen NearyOnline Editors-in-ChiefOn Wednesday, Freeman’s library held a non-profit fair where students could discover opportunities to volunteer in our community. The nonprofits present included Fetch-a-Cure, Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation, Comfort Zone Camp, Safe Harbor, Sportable, Sophie House, Virginia War Memorial, and Virginia Hispanic Foundation. What can you do to help? Fetch-a-Cure: … Continue reading Non-Profit Fair

Freeman Hosts Countywide Little Feet Meet – Photos From the Event

On Thursday, April 25th, Freeman hosted the annual Little Feet Meet competition for students with special needs on the football and baseball fields. Freeman students served as volunteers and ambassadors, who welcomed the kids to Freeman and helped them get from station to station. Friends, families, and the community stopped by to watch the kids … Continue reading Freeman Hosts Countywide Little Feet Meet – Photos From the Event