New #ObserveMe Program

Tyler Hendricks

Online Editor-in-Chief



Usually if you see a door with the words “observe me” on it, it is probably not a good idea to go inside; however, this year at Freeman it signifies a new opportunity.

#ObserveMe sign.

The idea is that teachers who have free time can go looking for the little green card. The #ObserveMe means the teacher of the classroom wants to participate in the program and other teachers are welcome to observe them. If Closed for Observation this period is showing, then the classroom may be doing something uninteresting to observe, such as a test.

“The goal is for teachers to learn from each other and potentially collaborate together on assignments,” said Mr. Marshall. He added, “It has been used in other schools and research shows it is beneficial to teachers to observe each other.”

The program started this week. It is not required for teachers to participate, although Mr. Marshall is “hopeful” that all teachers will get involved.

Flip side of card.

Additionally, if a teacher likes a lesson plan or wants to leave a comment, they are encouraged to write it on a sticky note and post it to the door frame. Mr. Marshall said this will help with spreading “positivity.”

In general teachers are looking forward to the new program.

“It is something to get used to because students are observing and learning content, while teachers are observing and learning delivery methods. I think it’s good because we as teachers don’t get out of our classrooms enough to see what other teachers are doing,” said Mr. Seegar.

Mr. Seegar is also looking forward to seeing new approaches to similar lessons.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns on this new program? Comment them below.

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