Three DSF Students Placed in Immediate Danger During Cook Out Shooting

Alex Moss


Gun shots fired at Cook Out in late afternoon on Tuesday Oct., 12.  caused police to block off eastbound traffic on Eastridge Road.  Jakweus Gordon (19)  was charged with Malicious Shooting, a Use of Firearm in Commission Felony, and Drug Possession . According to CBS 6, the shooter had no direct connection to Freeman, but the distance from Freeman’s campus posed a threat.

Basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis teams were training in the weight room and on the track only a few hundred yards from where the bullets were fired.  The football team’s practice field backs up to a property adjacent to Cook Out, and the shots and sirens were “very loud and disturbed practice,” said senior linebacker Ned Mize.

Don Proffitt, School Resource Officer declined on the event but said that Freeman and its students were in no immediate danger while on campus.

However, three DSF Students, Page Yeager, Hill Yeager, and Jackson Albrecht were in line to order food at the time of the event, and the car with the gunman was directly behind them. The three students stayed at the crime scene for roughly an hour answering police questions.

“Two gunshots hit the building and we were the closest car to them,” said Page. The three students noted that a subject involved jumped over a brick wall, which separates Cook Out from the Ridge Baptist Church parking lot which is used by Freeman students, and fled the scene. As many news reports suggest that one gun was involved, the students claim three guns were pulled out but only one was fired.

No one was hurt in the event and the local police surrounded the scene in a matter of minutes.

Douglas Freeman High School made no changes to its usual schedule during or after the event.




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