Coffee with the CEO of Twitter

Liza Moody

Photography Editor

liza moody

If you want to achieve something grand, something unexpected, then all you have to do is take the first step towards your goal. That’s what I learned this past summer over the course of seven weeks while I was learning about computer science at the Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco, California.

A couple of weeks before I set off on my journey to the “Golden State,” I researched Twitter’s history and I discovered that Jack Dorsey was the CEO and founder of Twitter. At that moment I had a crazy idea: I wanted to meet Jack Dorsey and learn how his interest in technology began. Maybe it would only be in passing, or maybe I would be lucky enough to have a brief conversation while we both waited in line for the elevator, but I was not going to let that opportunity slide past me.

When I arrived at Twitter on my first day, I was greeted by a bank of looming golden doors – doors that held many opportunities behind them. Every time I passed through those doors, I knew there was a chance of meeting Jack Dorsey.

One day, when my friends and I were eating lunch with a group of college interns, I decided to ask what Jack’s email was. I had been at Twitter for over a month and still hadn’t run into Jack, so although I doubted that one of the interns would have his email address, I realized it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Sure enough, there was one intern who was happy to share it with me. The time I spent trying to figure out how I would get reach him paid off as I was handed the golden ticket to getting in touch with him.

I emailed Jack and waited for a response. One day passed, then two. Eventually a week had passed and I still hadn’t received a response, so I decided to send a follow up email.

On my way home from Twitter, I was sitting on BART (the Bay Area Transit System) and began crafting my email for Jack. I wrote the email, edited it about a hundred times, and decided to use a subject line that was more to the point than professional: “Meet for Coffee?” and then I clicked send. I refreshed my inbox, and I was shocked to find an email waiting for me from Jack Dorsey – he had responded less than a minute after I had sent the email.

The following week, I met with him for coffee on Twitter’s roof deck and I learned tidbits on how he manages to not only be the CEO of Twitter, but also the CEO of Square, a mobile payment company for small businesses.

The opportunity was once in a lifetime and it allowed me to realize that if you want something, then you can achieve it all you have to do is try. When meeting the CEO of Twitter first crossed my mind, I didn’t think it would become a reality. That’s why if you take the first step towards your goal, the impossible becomes possible.

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