A Local Winter Wonder Land

Caitlin McSorley

Staff Writer

Canterbury lake is back in business!   After a string of low temperatures, the lake is frozen solid.

Following the snow that coated the East Coast Thursday morning and cancelled schools in the Richmond area, a snow day meant a day of unique outdoor community fun.

The lake is located on Pump Road between Patterson Avenue and Gayton Road.

Neighbors have shoveled the snow to expose a clean square of ice. On Thursday afternoon, six hockey players began a game while spectators watched from the snow covered edges of the make-shift rink.

The lake has not frozen over for the past few years, but the Canterbury homeowners see skating on the lake as a winter tradition.  In 1984, Godwin students took advantage of the opportunity for free outdoor skating in Richmond.

Today, students from other Henrico schools, like Freeman and Deep Run, joined in on the fun.

The forecast is calling for more skating as the temperatures should stay below freezing until Monday afternoon.

canterbury lake
Skaters on the Canterbury Lake. Photo: Caitlin McSorley

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