Dynasty or Underdogs? The Commentator Staff Weighs in on Super Bowl LII

The Commentator Staff

Why Patriots?

Integrity is overrated.  What matters is success, and the Patriots have it in spades.  Why would you root for the underdog, a team overcoming genuine adversity after losing their starting quarterback and that’s playing with passion and heart, when you could support a soulless machine devoid of human feeling?  Have you ever seen Rocky IV, and found yourself cheering for Ivan Drago?  Maybe the Cobra Kai dojo from Karate Kid are more your speed – in either case, The Patriots are for you.  Not to mention how much fun you’ll have with your peers, the most entitled fans in sports. Just hop on up on that bandwagon with them.

When you think of the Patriots, you think leadership.  The mastermind behind it all, Bill Belichick, has less personality than the chair you’re sitting in and the plastic disposition to match – exactly what you need to maintain the proper organizational discipline.  As far as players, the Pats are helmed by Tom Brady – he who sells a $200 cookbook, once lived in a house separated from the rest of the world by a moat, and through his incredible work ethic has managed to become the physical embodiment of smugness.

Don’t fixate on hard work though, because isn’t it just a little easier to take a shortcut or two?  Spy-gate, Schmy-gate, who cares?  Anyone worried about that is just jealous.  The Patriots have a perfect tight end to boot — the only person on earth with fewer brain cells than super bowl rings. Additionally, New England has learned to embody teamwork, pairing with the refs to form an unstoppable tandem.  Come February 4th, choose the Patriots or risk feeling deflated at the end of the game.

Why Eagles?

Being an Eagles fan has been hard. Endless 9-7 seasons. No playoff appearances. Poor draft picks. Hard. But don’t take it from me. Consider Jeffrey Riegel.

A 56-year-old New Jersey man who was tragically diagnosed with terminal cancer, and in planning his funeral, decided he wanted all his closest kin to dress up in their favorite Eagles uniform. Rather than celebrating the team’s important place in his life, he asked to be lowered into the grave by friends in uniform, so the Philadelphia Eagles can “let him down one more time.”

Well Jeffery, the Eagles may just please their fans for once. After a season that looked to be doomed with the loss of Carson Wentz, the Eagles bounced back in a big way. Injuries, however, are the story of the Eagle’s season, and they still mustered together a 13-3 season with two promising playoff wins against both the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings.

In those two wins, the Eagles were 3-point underdogs, prompting linebacker Chris Long and right tackle Lane Johnson to buy dog masks to wear pregame for motivation. It worked.

The Eagles, once again, are undergods (-5.5-point line) and are more motivated than ever. Not only are they looking to take down a dynasty (Brady-Belichick), but start one of their own.

If you want the team that overcame adversity, came together in the wake of the kneeling protests, and proved all the analysts wrong, then take the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. They will not let you down.

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