Opinion: The Patriots will win the Super Bowl, here’s how…

Lauren Bruns

Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here and the Patriots are going to win it all.

Super Bowl LII is previewing to be a potential classic in the history of the title game as the Patriots and Eagles face off in an anxiously anticipated event. However, history has already been made as Tom Brady, now 40 years old, prepares to play in his eighth Super Bowl, the first quarterback to ever reach this milestone.

It is easy to forget that just 18 years ago Brady was pick #199 in the sixth round of the 2000 draft. Arguably the most accomplished quarterback of all time, Brady was once a frequent underdog.

What makes the Patriot dynasty so successful, says Will Brinson of CBS Sports, is the team’s ability to overcome adversity and public opinion. This, coupled with Brady and Belichick’s experience, has put the Patriots as five point favorites over the Eagle’s.

New England saw its third playoff win in the past 10 years after trailing by 10 or more in the AFC Championship. In doing so, they lost all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski to a head injury in the second quarter. This likely will not prove detrimental to New England’s very deep offense.

Injury aside, the 2018 Super Bowl features two of the best defenses in the league. The Patriots finished the regular season fifth in points allowed with 18.5, while the Eagles were fourth with 18.4.

The last time these two teams met in the championship game was in February of 2005 when the Patriots were seven point favorites over the Eagles and won 24-21.

Tonight, the most dominant team in the National Football League will be crowned, and signs point to the Patriots earning their sixth Super Bowl win.


Tom Brady. Photo: Boston.com


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