Agreement with Abolition of Class Rank, a Letter to the Editor

Dave Porter

Former Sports Editor, Class of 2005

Note: the following is a letter to the Editor and not an article by a current staff member. To write a letter to the Editor, email or visit the contact page.

I am in full agreement with Caroline Daniel’s editorial “Emotional Abuse Courtesy of Our Education System.” Class rank only examines GPA, and can deflate or inflate the psychological health of a student unfairly.

For example, I ranked 82nd in my graduating class, but was heavily involved with other activities, including serving as a sports editor for The Commentator. I didn’t take as many honors or AP classes as I should have (and would have done well in), but was inducted into three honor societies, and led the Scholastic Bowl team to its first VHSL Regional championship. Even with that ranking, I still got into my first choice college, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree four years after leaving Freeman.

Class rank seems to be an irrelevant component of the modern education system, and requires a cutthroat course of action, as well as sacrifice of other activities which can make a student more well-rounded in preparations for college or employment.

Thank you to Ms. Daniel for taking a stand against such an outdated part of the high school experience that needed to be removed years ago.

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