DSF Stock Market Challenge

Grace Powers

Staff Writer

The clock is counting down, and the competition is fierce. Macroeconomics students are going head-to-head in the annual simulated stock market challenge. Students who are not in macroeconomics have also joined the simulation to see if they can win. In this game, students are given $100,000 to invest in stock. They must buy and trade in order to get into the top rankings.

William Seagar, macroeconomics teacher, says the goal of the competition is to introduce students to something that will be integral as they get older. Mr. Seagar participates in the game as well so students will be “motivated to beat who they think is an expert in the stock market.” He says he encourages students to trade their stock daily and buy in whole.

Junior Grace Lu finds herself in the center of the pack in 40th place out of 87 students. She reads finance articles to stay updated on the stocks. Her strategy is to predict which stocks will rise and buy them while they are low.

“One year a guy invested all his money in Twitter and got first place” Grace said.

Senior Bonna Mesfin also participates in this game. He is in the upper half of the rankings, around 30th place, but he thinks Mr. Seagar will win it all. However, he said through this experience he has learned “what makes stocks rise and fall and how to invest properly and smartly.”

The winner gets bragging rights and a certificate from Mr. Seagar. The rankings change daily, but the competition ends Feb. 16. It is still anyone’s game.


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