Attention Drake fans – the wait is finally over.

Mia Fuller

Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Jan. 20, Drake released two singles in preparation for his rumored upcoming project, Scary Hours. The release of these songs was unknown to awaiting fans, who have been without new music since Drake’s playlist, More Life, in March of 2017. The music world jumped when the rapper posted an Instagram captioned, “GODS PLAN AND DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY LIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS WORLDWIDE MIDNIGHT.” With only a few hours’ notice, fans around the world were welcomed and overjoyed with the 2018 Drake.

I learned about this miraculous drop about two days after the deed was done. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew going into these new tracks was that I needed to see some redemption. In my opinion, the last three Drake albums have been busts- a lot of repetitive lyrics with little impact and overwhelming pop appeal. I needed something to fill the void that has been in my heart ever since the musical genius of songs like “Jungle” and “Cameras/Good Ones Go Interlude- Medley.”  After listening, I can say I’m optimistic for this new album.

The double single EP is a compilation of old meets new. The first track, “God’s Plan,” is the more pop-sounding of the bunch. The heavy synth sound and rhythmic drum patterns allow for a familiar yet experimental tone for Drake’s music. The breaks and drops throughout turn this track into an instant hit, keeping an upbeat tempo while allowing the personal message to shine. The lyrics of “God’s Plan” sum up Drake’s previous successes, while looking ahead to what his thriving career has in store. The title and idea of “God’s Plan” has a sort of double meaning. According to Rap Genius, Drake, who is of Jewish faith, is thanking God for all that his career has amounted to explaining that “certain actions or future successes and failures are a result of a higher power.” Yet, “God’s Plan” also refers to Drizzy himself. Since referring to himself as “6 God” in his mixtape, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” this song is a sort of power anthem letting fans know that Drake has more coming for the future of his music.

Drake follows “God’s Plan” with the track, “Diplomatic Immunity.” The B-side of the new EP contains a straight verse with no hooks or overarching chorus. Though the track is not as flashy as the newer Drake sound we have come to know, it is still very well produced. A strings ensemble and a gospel-esque outro elevate the seemingly average Drake tune to new heights. After advertising his career in the first track, “Diplomatic Immunity” is Drake’s way of addressing the highs and lows of his celebrity in regards to his personal life. With powerful lyrics such as “Yeah, who am I? The do or die,” the rapper expresses a sense of vulnerability, while still reassuring us of his success by stating, “I got multi-colored rings like the Olympics, of course.” Though the lyrics come off as pouty or harsh from time to time, the of the message allows for Drake’s musical skills to shine and allow for one of Drake’s greater uses of lyricism.

Overall, Drake has done it again. The Canadian rapper has reminded us of what he is truly capable of. The sudden release and powerful tracks have left many to long for the arrival of Scary Hours, and though the album is TBD, these singles have allowed fans to get ready for the 6 God in 2018.


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