The Second Annual Benefit Game for Frank Woolwine Raises Significant Funds

Greer Peacock

Staff Writer

The second Annual Benefit Game for Roy Franklin “Frank” Woolwine Jr. was held on March 7 at the Collegiate main campus.

Frank was a former student on the lacrosse team who was killed in a single-car, alcohol related, accident in August 2016. He would have been a current Senior.

“There was an outstanding turnout for the game, considering that it was at 4 p.m. in the middle of the week,” said Roy Woolwine, father of Frank Woolwine Jr.

“The support from the coaches, players, and fans was amazing,” Mr. Woolwine said. Many students went to the game after school to support the fundraiser and the boys varsity lacrosse team.

The second Annual Benefit Game for Frank Woolwine. Photo: Greer Peacock

Freeman did not win, but a lot of money was raised from the game. The total amount raised was $2,121. Frank’s lacrosse number was 21. “That to me is amazing,” Mr. Woolwine said.

All proceeds from the game went to The Frankie Woolwine Story, Inc. The money is going to be used to support speaking engagements with high school students and telling Frank’s story.

“We expect our website,, to be up and running by the middle of April,” Mr. Woolwine said. People will be able to see and post pictures of Frank. Donations can also be made online.

Mr. Woolwine expects that Freeman will have “an outstanding season” and he looks forward to next year’s game, “playing under the lights at the new Freeman field.”

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