You’ll Never Believe this Bone Chilling Urban Legend About the Richmond Vampire that Terrorized RVA in the Early 20th Century.

Nicholas Wright

Opinions Editor

Nicholas Wright tells the story of the Richmond Vampire:

The legend of the Richmond Vampire surrounds the emergence of the ghoul-like figure following the collapse during the restoration of a train tunnel in Church-Hill on October 2, 1925. The figure reportedly proceeded to Hollywood Cemetery and disappeared into the tomb of W.W Pool.

Recovery efforts were inhibited by the poor condition of the tunnel and thus, to this day the bodies of several workers are still trapped inside.

Read more about the Richmond Vampire here and here. Also check out photos:

The collapsed tunnel. Photo: John Murden / flickr/
The tomb the vampire disappeared into. Photo: Tess Shebaylo / flickr/
The sealed entrance side of the tunnel. Photo: Eli Christman / flickr/


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