Hyped Up Movie Lives Up to Promotions

Katie Cooper

Staff Writer

You’ve probably seen promotional pictures of it. Maybe the occasional six second trailer for it on Twitter or Instagram, or took a picture of yourself with one of the various Snapchat filters for it. Maybe you’ve been following the masses of people gushing about their excitement for it, and “it,” is Love, Simon.

Based on the book by Becky Abertalli, Love, Simon is a film about the struggles of a closeted high school boy. Set in present day, Simon Spear lives in Atlanta surrounded by his great group of friends and his loving, perfectly normal family. Simon believes that his life, however, is far from his version of normal, because he has a big secret: he’s gay. And he’s in love with a mystery guy who doesn’t even know his name.

The hype surrounding this movie was unexpected from the start. As the film began to catch the attention of the media, fanatic readers, the LGBTQ+ community, and movie-goers reacted with incredible enthusiasm towards the release of the movie, and here’s why:

Representation for The LGBTQ+ community in the mainstream media. Members of the community feel as though this is their beginning for a new, and hopefully normalized, part of Hollywood. The large amount of promotion for Love, Simon parallels the amount of promotional material from big movie franchises such as Marvel’s Avengers, or Disney’s Moana. It doesn’t hurt to emphasize the importance of the support from actors inside Hollywood either. When asked to audition for their parts, the famous actors such as Nick Robinson, Josh Duhamel, and Jennifer Garner were ecstatic to be a part of something that would have a mass effect in the film industry for generations to come. From the famous actors in Hollywood to the high attention the movie has garnered, the power that comes from the workings of this film gives the LGBTQ+ community and all other supporters hope.

Another reason for the hype is the allure that the movie created by itself. Simon Spear’s character is incredibly relatable, no matter if you are gay, straight, zig-zag, white, black, or blue. Everyone goes through the ups and downs of high school, everyone faces inner turmoil and confusion with your identity. Everyone gets lost in their own daydreams and becomes frustrated with the world’s expectations. Everyone knows the pain of rejection and the joy of a first, real love. Viewers and readers alike are able to experience Simon go through a rocky and thrilling phase of his life, and they can’t help but enjoy it because they’ve walked in his shoes too.

The audience is put on an emotional roller coaster from the start. You’ll laugh, cry, and wonder who Simon is crushing on. It’s a perfect, modern teen romance story that carries all the good stuff, and a game-changer for the film industry all in one.

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