Sophomore Wins Rebel Run

Emme Levenson

Staff Writer

Sophomore Jake Perkins won the Rebel Run on March 24 with a time of 18:14:59. His mile pace was 5:53. This was Jake’s first 5K (3.1 miles), and he was excited to try something new. “I’m a short distance sprinter so I didn’t have long distance experience going into it,” said Jake. He runs the half mile during the spring track season, but now he is going to “think about [running] long distance.”

Jake believes training was the key component to his success. “I knew I had to prepare,” said Jake. To train he sprinted to Tuckahoe Middle School from his house to “build as much endurance as possible,” he said.      Jake tried to train every day and was even running when snow was falling. “The day it snowed I found the course online and ran it,” said Jake. He did this so he had an idea of where he was running on the day of the race.

As the runners lined up at the starting line, Jake was behind younger children at the front. “I was pretty nervous,” he said.

The race began and he took off at a consistent speed alongside his training partner, sophomore Campbell Collett. Jake and Campbell were the lead of the pack.

When they came up to the final stretch, Jake and Campbell were battling for the first place finish. “Once I got to the stoplight I full out sprinted,” said Jake. With the finish line in sight, Jake pulled ahead and finished in first.  As he crossed the finish line, Jake raised his arms in happiness and exhaustion. Next year, Jake’s goal is to “defend the title,” he said.

Jake Perkins crossing the finish line. Photo: Liza Moody


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