“Promposal” Season is Here. Get Extra Tips Here.

Lauren Tull

Center Spread Editor

Stereotypically, it’s the guy’s job to execute the “Promposal,” and although I am not a guy, I have a bit of an obsession with Promposals (and Homecoming asks, for that matter). After years of stalking the explore page on Instagram, I’ve seen what worked and what didn’t. I’ve created a list of tips on creating a successful Promposal below, and if you do decide to ask someone, I wish you luck!

  1. Make it Personal

The best Promposals are those crafted with the certain person you’re asking in mind. Whether that be including an inside joke on your poster or bringing them their favorite Starbucks drink, they’ll be happy that you put some thought into it.

  1. Be Creative

The more creative the better. It can be difficult to think of a new idea, but as long as you put at least a little effort into it, you’ll be just fine. You can make your Promposal heartfelt, funny, or adorable (bringing a baby animal with you will get a surefire “Yes!”). Whatever you do, don’t do something you’ve seen a thousand times; make it your own.

  1. Do It in Person

Just as you’re not supposed to ask someone out over text, you shouldn’t ask someone to prom that way either. Asking your date in person is much more meaningful, and they’re much more likely to agree to go.

  1. Don’t Do It in Front of a Crowd (Unless You’re Certain They’d Be Okay with That)

Unlike the scene in High School Musical 3, most people would rather not be asked to Prom in the middle of the cafeteria in front of 400 of their closest friends. Going to their house or somewhere they’re not surrounded by tons of people is much more personal, and they’re likely to be more comfortable.

  1. Puns are Always Good

Enough said. If you can include a pun, “gopher” it. 🙂

  1. Use Your Nicest Handwriting

It’s totally fine if your handwriting isn’t great, but if that’s the case, have your mom, sibling, friend, or neighbor with good handwriting write your poster for you. Your Instagram followers will appreciate being able to read the pun on the poster.

  1. Girls can ask people to Prom, too!

Girls, don’t be afraid to do the asking! Putting yourself out there by asking someone to Prom can be nerve-wracking. Most guys would be grateful if you took that weight off their shoulders.

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