Freeman Music Department Heads to Disney World

Katherine Yarbrough

Staff Writer

On Wednesday evening, the Freeman Music Department left on a field trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where they will be having fun in the parks and attending Disney sponsored workshops.

Every other year, the music department goes on a similar type of trip. In years past, the department went to places such as New York City and Atlanta for competitions.

This year, the band did not have their usual competition. This allowed Disney to contact Rob Blankenship, band director, about an opportunity for orchestra and band students to not only have fun in the parks, but also learn about Disney music production.

“On Saturday, we’re going to a Disney Performing Arts Workshop where we will be practicing and recording a song that they are providing in the Disney Music studio,” said junior flautist Maitéa Villegas-Carter.

According to its website, this recording they receive will also be “accompanied by footage from a classic Disney animated film.” Through this workshop, Disney hopes to give middle school to college age students the experience of being a professional musician.

All chorus classes are attending the trip as well; however, the chorus will be doing a different performing arts workshop and are required to attend and critique two Disney shows.

The students will be visiting a different park every day, starting with Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Magic Kingdom on Friday, Epcot on Saturday, and Hollywood Studios on Sunday. The group will be returning late on Monday.

All week, the music department has been ready to enjoy the parks. Music students whispered to each other in class about their excitement to take part in such an opportunity.

“Just spending time with everyone outside of school will be super fun,” said sophomore chorus student Sarah Ann Mottley.


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