A Possible Solution to Homework Overload

Emme Levenson: Staff Writer

Emily Anstett: Staff Writer

Seven classes a day, nine hours a day, and 3-4 hours of homework a night.  Having every class everyday is beneficial due to the 45 minute periods, but the amount of homework each night adds up.

The struggle to complete assignments and study for tests every single night is taxing on students’ mental health. Stress and small amounts of sleep consume students’ lives.

Having a lot of homework is also difficult for student athletes. Most athletes have practice everyday and games 3-4 times a week. With the amount of homework we have each night, athletes are forced to stay up until past midnight to complete everything.

A homework schedule would would help balance the amount of homework a student has at a time.  It would also help to prioritize when assignments are due and keep teachers from stressing about assigning and grading homework each night.

With a homework schedule we would still have seven periods a day, but less homework each night. Homework would be assigned by subject, and below is a mock homework schedule.

Mock Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Science English Science English No assignments besides studying
Math History Math History
Foreign Language Electives Foreign  Language Electives

Note: This is an opinionated article and not action proposed by the school. 

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