Spring is Here in RVA

Zoe Costello

Staff Writer

After almost a month of cold weather and two snowfalls, spring is finally here! With sunny and warm days ahead, there’s no better place to be than outside. There are lots of things to do and places to go in Richmond, so you don’t have to worry about having nothing to do while the weather is nice.

If you are feeling outdoorsy, there are plenty of parks and outdoor places to go for not much money. The Maymont gardens are free, and a good place to have a picnic or take pictures. You can also go to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for 13 dollars, which has more than a dozen themed gardens to check out. Belle Isle and Pony Pasture are also good places to hang out and tan on warmer days.

There are also a wide range of artists coming to Richmond in the next few months. If you like country music, then Innsbrook After Hours is the place for you. The outdoor concert pavilion holds over 20 concerts during the spring and summer, with mostly country artists and bands. Tickets are only 5-15 dollars in advance, and 25-30 dollars at the gate. The first concert of the season is Chase Rice, on Saturday, May 12.

The National is smaller venue in Richmond that holds around 1,500 people. Lots of different types of artists come to the national, so no matter what type of music you like, you can find something. A few of the upcoming concerts include Dr. Dog on April 19, Black Veil Brides on May 4, Dirty Heads on Jun 1, and Brockhampton on Jun 4. Most concerts at The National are under $30.

While the National is indoors, the area around the National is a great place to walk around, shop and eat and Carytown is only a 10-minute drive away.

You can get the best of music and outdoors at River Rock, from May 18-20 on Brown’s Island. At River Rock, you can chill and listen to the music, watch dogs compete for who can jump the furthest, go biking and walking through the surrounding trails, and more.

If you are more interested in history, and have always wanted to ride a Segway, then a Segway of Richmond tour is the perfect thing to do sometime this Spring. The most popular Segway tour goes takes fellow Segwayers through Richmond to see some of the most well-known landmarks, like the Canal Walk, Brown’s Island, St. Paul’s Church, and the Museum of the Confederacy.

There are lots of things to do in Richmond, so the next time you find yourself sitting inside wondering what to do, you’ll have some ideas.


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