Ideas for Summer Jobs

Liza Moody

Photography Editor

The countdown has begun until hoards of college students swarm RVA in search of a summer job. Students everywhere are looking to earn some money so they can go out with friends, or buy items they have saved up for. If you’re looking for summer work, then the time to search is now. There are many opportunities available to high school students from lifeguarding at your local pool to being a waiter at fancy restaurant. Let’s take a look up some of these opportunities:


  1. Lifeguarding

Tanning, sitting by the pool, and being paid? That sounds like the epitome of summer!  These workers are responsible for keeping pools clean and “designing activities for particular groups, such as seniors or children, and make sure any equipment used is kept organized and in good condition” ( However, be sure to complete a Lifeguard training course prior to submitting your work application. These courses are offered by most YMCAs.

  1. Working as a nanny

School may be coming to a close for us students, however many parents are still working long hours. Now that their kids aren’t in school all day, parents may be searching for a way to keep them occupied. Nannies have lots of room for creativity. You can stay active by playing outdoors with children, driving the kids to the pool, or coming up with different games. Depending on who you work for, the hours can be very flexible which will give you the opportunity to still enjoy other aspects of summer.

  1. Working in retail

Richmond has a multitude of shops, and all of these stores need employees. If you’re looking for a job in make-up, then try Ulta. If makeup isn’t your cup of tea, then head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods. These are only a couple of stores stores that are looking to hire new employees. A retail job can be very beneficial because you have the opportunity to strengthen your customer service and teamwork skills, while using your job “as a great stepping-stone into almost any professional industry” ( In addition, many employees receive a very generous discount, which is very helpful if you love the products your store carries.


While these are only a few of the many jobs available, these are a starting place to begin your search. Summer jobs are an excellent way to dip your toes into a field you may find interesting, earn some spending money, or occupy your time. Just remember to be proactive; before you know it, college students will be competing for the very same jobs that you are.


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