A Love Affair With Ray’s Italian Ice

Megan Kelleher

Center Spread Editor

I’m in love with Ray. Ray’s Italian Ice, to be exact.

The decadent, creamy base of vanilla custard, layered with abundant crushed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, creates a flavorful masterpiece that my palate cannot pass up. The Rockslide’s goodness is sublime, and worth every penny of its $3.95 price.

Ray’s has become much more than just a place to buy overpriced, homemade custard. Ray’s has transformed into a spot where I mark the little, and not so little, milestones of my life. Much like we continue to eat the same dry turkey and canned cranberry sauce every Thanksgiving, the tradition matters more than the food itself.

When I got my license, the first place I drove was Ray’s. When I earned an ‘A’ on my daunting ethics exam, my best friend and I dropped everything and went straight to Ray’s. And when an AP Physics test didn’t turn out like I wanted, I turned to Ray’s for comfort. How did I help my little brother celebrate his first day of middle school? With a trip to Ray’s, of course. I even asked a boy to homecoming my sophomore year with Ray’s signature Colossal Cookie. It worked!

The faded Adirondack chairs wait for us to arrange in circles each time we visit. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get a chair free from custard left by a previous customer. With Ashley to my right, we work hard to negotiate the melting custard— a tricky feat, especially when there’s so much to discuss.

High school can be stressful. Ray’s has been a refuge as I’ve faced its ups and downs— a chance to step out of life for a moment to connect with the people who mean the most to me.

I have to run. There’s a Rockslide calling my name.


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