Freshman Rapper Following Dreams


Julia Cassidy

Staff Writer

“My flow is tighter than a rubber band/Spit fire like a broken lighter/I’m the man” raps Freshman Chris Houck, a rapper and song writer at Freeman.

Chris’ passion started in fifth grade. His love of writing and performing raps started with writing poetry, then evolved into rapping as he got older. A pivotal part of discovering his passion for rapping was when Chris took a rap class with Black Liquid, a local Richmond rap artist, who helped turn his poems into raps.

“[Black Liquid] was a big part of [starting me on rapping],” said Chris.

Chris draws inspiration for his rap lyrics from the world around him and from how he is feeling. When he comes up with an idea for lyrics, he expands on that idea later, or he listens to instrumentals and bases his lyrics off of that.

Inspiration can strike at any moment and at any time.

“It can be something made up, a truth that’s been tweaked to make it appeal more…or I could tell you about the average day of a highschooler”, he said.

Chris explains that writing gives him the chance to be clever and catchy while impressing people with rhymes and improving his vocabulary. His favorite rap that he has written is called “Addicted”, which is about his love of rap and dream of writing and performing.

Writing isn’t the only enjoyable part of rapping for Chris. He tries to go out of his comfort zone with different on and off beat instrumentals while performing. Chris elaborates, “[I] go fast and [feel] the flow and rhythm of the beat…I honestly have a great time doing it”.

To listen to recordings of Chris’ raps now go to his Instagram account @topher.fh or keep an eye on SoundCloud where they will be coming out soon.

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