The Longest School Day Ever.

Emily Anstett


The tornadoes that hit Richmond on Monday, Sept. 17 led to many students and teachers around the Richmond area being stuck in school for up to 3 extra hours.  The tornado warning for Henrico went out at 3:23, only 30 minutes before the school day was supposed to end. However, the dark looming storm clouds approaching Freeman made it clear it was not safe to go home.  While the 2 ½ + hours spent in the hallways and cafeteria did not always feel like the safest places while the tornadoes barreled down Parham and Patterson, sending everyone home would probably not be the best move. As hot and uncomfortable as the extended school day was it was probably the only option, considering the meteorologists and weather stations did not see the storms coming in time to plan to send everyone home.  So, we got a little extra time at Freeman.

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