A Day in the Life of Kamron Tucker

Julia Cassidy

Features Editor

Day in the Life of Freshman Kamron Tucker

7:00 AM- Wake up and get in the shower

8:30 AM- I’m at the bus stop talking to my friends

8:45 AM- Arrive at school

9:55 AM- Go have fun at PE. That’s definitely my most fun class.

11:39 AM- My fourth period is history. This is one of my other favorite classes because I like history.

1:24 PM- Go to Earth Science with Mr. Foltz. Mr. Foltz is a good teacher.

2:16 PM- Go have fun at tech with Mr. Scott. We are always talking about football.

3:08 PM- Success! This helps me with my homework and stuff. Like a little study hall.

3:55 PM- School ends and so I head to Freeman football practice and just grind there.

6:00 PM- Either my Mom comes to pick me up from practice or I take a ride home with one of the varsity players.

6:15 PM- I like to play around when I get home and play video games.

11:00 PM- I normally start my homework pretty late.

12:00 AM- Go to bed!

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