What I’ve Learned Along the Way – Helpful Advice for Students

Greer Peacock

Sports Editor

Tips for Underclassmen:

  • Always do all your homework the night before it is due. It is too stressful to save work to do the day of.
  • Make your own Quizlets/note cards/study sheets instead of using someone else’s. You will retain the information better and you’ll create a great habit of doing it in the future.
  • Try out for sports teams. Sports are a good way to make friends and see people everyday you would otherwise not see. It also feels good to be a part of something.
  • Don’t quit/not try out for teams or other activities that Freeman offers because you are afraid of being judged by someone else.
  • Look for clubs that you might be interested in joining. They are a great way to become more involved in the Freeman community.
  • Regularly volunteer. You will need community service hours to apply to NHS and it is a good thing to have for college applications.
  • Dress up for spirit week/spirit days. You are not too cool to show school spirit.
  • Recognize when you need to ask for help. There will always be teachers, counselors, administrators, and classmates that can help out.
  • Respect your teachers. They are here to help us and they genuinely want us to succeed.

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