“Papa’s Scooperia” Review

Juliana McKean

Centerspread Editor

Game: Papa’s Scooperia

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Connoisseurs of the Papa’s Games were delighted this year to open Coolmath and find a new game awaiting their attention AFTER SCHOOL: Papa’s Scooperia.  The newest installment of the classic Papa’s games, Scooperia offers users a chance to serve a trendy dessert consisting of cookies, a scoop of ice cream (or two, or three), and decorations to top it off.

As customers come in, you take their order, then move to scoop their cookie of choice.  The cookie bakes and becomes flat, then an ice cream scoop is placed on top along with decorations.  The scooping of the cookie batter and the scooping of the ice cream require slow and deliberate movements, unique to Scooperia so far in the Papa’s franchise, and this offers a different element to the usual tempo of the Papa’s games.

Overall, Papa’s Scooperia offers an engaging variation of the Papa’s Games with new complexities and holidays to decorate your lobby for.  This is a new personal favorite Papa’s Game for me, and if your other favorites are like mine (Freezeria, Taco Mia, Cheeseria), odds are you will also have a good time playing Scooperia.


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