Freshman’s Favorite Senior Halloween Costumes from 10/31/2018

Kate Yarbrough

Opinions Editor

Freeman freshmen are in for a surprise come October 31. Unlike other schools, Freeman High School is marked by our spirited participation on Halloween.

This year, to name just a few costumes, giant Tetris blocks towered in the halls, seniors dressed as senior citizens (complete with walkers), and cops made sure to blow their whistles at anyone who they deemed were breaking the law.

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For freshmen, the commotion in the halls can be shocking, yet still exciting. “It was really fun seeing everyone’s costumes in the hall,” said freshman Tommy Wasilik.

“I like how people just do it because they want to,” said freshman Harith Khan. “It’s not something they’re obligated to do, but they still do it,” he said.

Seniors ran through the halls, played music, and did their best impressions of whatever they were trying to imitate.

“I got stuck behind a lot of people [in the halls], which was a little annoying, but it was a lot of fun,” said freshman Vivian Payne.

Staff members voted for their favorite costumes, and the winners got pizza parties. The senior citizens came in third, the Jurassic Park group came in second, and the Tetris blocks won first place.

But freshmen had their own favorites as well. Along with the three winners, Vivian Payne, Tommy Wasilik, and Harith Khan listed the bowling ball and pins and the hazmat suits as a few favorites.

It is likely that the Freeman tradition on Halloween will continue with this freshman class.


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