A Day in the Life of Allie Luxton

Cameron McCarty

Sports Editor

7:00 a.m – Allie starts her day by eating her favorite breakfast, cheerios and orange juice. Then she feeds her dog Rocky!

8:00 a.m – Allie gets to school early because she has an early bird. At school, Allie loves classes that express her passions. She loves sports marketing and SODA because she is interested in a career of teaching or working in an advertising setting.

3:05 p.m- She gets out of school and babysits for her cousins. Allie loves spending her time playing with children and making money at the same time!!

5:00 p.m – She eats dinner at Chipotle because they have really good vegan options. And she goes for the quesarito.

7:00 p.m – Allies goes to dance practice, which is her favorite hobby. She especially enjoys modern dance and hip hop. Her favorite dance is a hip hop number to Bruno Mars “24K.”

8:30 p.m -After dance, Allie gets her favorite snack: Hot Cheetos and a Slurpee.

9:00 p.m – She does homework because she is a very conscientious student, and then goes to bed.

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