Thank u, next

Laney VanLenten

News Editor

   On November 3, 2018, Ariana Grande dropped the song of the century. “Thank u, next” is a musical masterpiece, topping the charts immediately after its surprise release. Surrounded by tabloid commentary on her relationship with now ex-fiancee Pete Davidson, the song seemed surprisingly meaningful despite the short time-frame it was written in.

   From Victorious, to “Honeymoon Avenue”, from “Dangerous Woman” to “breathin’”, there is no doubt that Ariana Grande’s musical talent has shifted and evolved. I believe that much of this can be credited to her life and her experiences. Originally framed as a child star, she has grown and matured immensely, especially after her world was rocked when 22 innocent people were killed following her concert in Manchester in 2017. In the coming months, her love life has been repeatedly drawn into the spotlight, with her split from Mac Miller, and her quick engagement to Pete Davidson. In just the past month, she has suffered through Mac Miller’s death and the demise of her relationship with Pete.

  “Thank u, next” is a message of gratitude for all of the things that Grande has learned from her most important exes. The lyrics are geared to empower women, and show them how to move on from relationships and focus on themselves. The song itself is both catchy, and heartbreaking. Only Ariana Grande could create such beauty from such sorrow.

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