Powder Puff 2018 Recap: Score, News, and Photos

Annie Stephens

Staff Writer

   The annual 2018 Power Puff game, a fundraiser for the senior class,  had minor changes that made it a success, especially for the sophomore class.

   Despite previous years, the game took place at a different time. Typically, the game had been held after school on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. This year, it was held on the same day, however, it was during school hours. Students were able to purchase a $5 ticket as a pass to leave fourth period and watch the powder puff game.

powderpuff annie marcus rand
First round: sophomores v.s. juniors. Photo by Marcus Rand.

   The game took place on the baseball field, which was another change to previous years. There were two games played at the same time, so the crowd could chose which game they wanted to watch. The first game was the freshman v.s. the seniors and on the other side, the sophomores v.s. the juniors. Although the scores were close, the seniors and sophomores came out victorious over their opponents.

   In the middle of the first game, there was an injury that resulted in an ambulance being called. This ambulance arrived quickly, but unfortunately the wheels got stuck in the mud on the field. Many students pushed the ambulance as an attempt to get it free, but were unsuccessful. As a result, a second ambulance was called in, and a tow truck pulled the ambulance out later in the day.

   The final game was between the sophomores and the seniors. After 15 minutes of play time, the sophomores defeated the seniors and took home the title of Powder Puff champions.

ambulance piper finkleson
The first ambulance, stuck on the field, featuring students and staff pushing it from behind. Photo by Marcus Rand.


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