Man on the Street: What did our Rebels do over Thanksgiving Break?

Davis Buckbee

Staff Writer

   Freeman students celebrated their five-day Thanksgiving weekend in a variety of ways last week.

  “I stayed in town over Thanksgiving break,” said junior Steve Ulrichs. “I had to get my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday, so I was sore, numb, and still on prescribed drugs during our Thanksgiving dinner.”

  “My family has a tradition of eating a Thanksgiving Day lunch at the Jervey household,” said junior Sophie Borges. “After the meal, we went to see the movie The Grinch.”

  Other students left town for their extended break.

  “My family has a tradition that we continued this year of traveling to the Outer Banks for the holiday,” said freshman Kyle Schleich.

  “I traveled to Washington D.C. with my family,” said junior Sebastian Peebles. “I had a close friend that happened to be in D.C. at the same time, and we traveled downtown on the Metro.”

  Regardless of whether they stayed in town or traveled for the holiday, Freeman students were excited to see their teachers and friends again when school began on Monday.

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