Student drivers receive warning and safety instruction from message posted on Schoology

Emma Johnson

Staff Writer

   High school student parking lots have a reputation for being chaotic, and Freeman is no exception. Traffic from students attempting to leave mixed with parents trying to pick up their kids create bumper to bumper lines that can stay at a stand-still for long periods of time.  

   While the parking lot is one story, the surrounding area, such as Camden Rd. and Santa Anna Rd., have also been addressed as disorderly by many students who walk to their cars or houses in the neighborhood behind Freeman.

   Meredith Murphy, a Freshman, gives some insight into her walk to her mom’s car after school. “Sometimes it takes a long amount of time to get to the car because I have to wait for cars to stop.”

   A message posted on Schoology last week from Laura Hollowell, administation,  where she addressed these issues.

   Her message stated: “To student drivers:  Please be aware of your surroundings when entering and exiting the parking lot.  You should be treating the area by the exit as a four way stop!” Her message was followed up by instructions on the proper conduct at a four way stop.

   She also addressed the surrounding neighborhood: “Also, please be cautious around walkers and the cars on Camden.  Please come to a complete stop before turning onto Camden.”

   Hopefully these messages will impact student drivers and parents, making getting to and from school much safer and easier.

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