Freeman’s Annual Winter Chorus Concert

Maggie Sheerin

Staff Writer

(Above photo: the Show Choir girls pose for a photo after their performances, taken by Lucy VanLenten)

Every year, the holiday season at Freeman begins on a high note.

   The Winter Choral Concert performed on December 4th in the Freeman Auditorium. The chorus classes and other select groups come together and perform their own renditions of holiday favorites and lesser-known tunes for parents, friends, and faculty members.

   The concert opened with Festival Choir, Freeman’s mixed select group, singing “Season of Light” and a few additional Christmas carols, such as “Wassail, Wassail.”

   As the concert is a showcase of all of Freeman’s musical talents, it also featured performances by Harmony in Motion, Treble Choir, The Downbeats, and the Syncopations, all groups that highlight upon different musical skills and specialties.

   A highlight of the concert was the singing of the infamous holiday carol, “White Christmas,” which was sung by the Syncopations, an a capella group. This song featured solos sung by freshman Robbie Acree and junior Will Reid, and was well-received due to its seasonal popularity.

   “The whole process was a blast. All of the preparation time that we gave really paid off in the end,” Robbie said.

   This certainly was true, as the concert was a success for our school’s choral program as a whole. Yet, according to junior David Lim, they still “have much to do to prepare” for their performance at the holiday assembly before winter break.


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