Freeman’s Scholastic Quizbowl Teams compete in Maggie Walker Governor’s School Invitational

Addison Gorenflo

Staff Writer

   Freeman’s Scholastic Quiz Bowl teams had strong performances at the Maggie Walker Governor’s School Invitational Tournament last weekend. The Rebels faced several local schools such as Glen Allen and Collegiate, as well as teams that traveled from Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia to compete.

   The Class of 2022 brought a lot of fresh talent for Freeman’s Quiz Bowl teams and boosted the size of the club. For this reason, the Rebels were able to send two teams to Maggie Walker for the first time this season, giving all players the opportunity to play in multiple games.

   Brothers Will and Joseph Chambers, a senior and freshman respectively, were leaders on the A Team. With Will answering 51 questions correctly and Joseph answering 45 correctly, the duo earned over 90% of their five-person team’s points. On the B Team, freshman Gio Mazzeo emerged as a strong player, answering 44 questions correctly in his first-ever quiz bowl tournament.

   Both teams played in five preliminary games, and because they were ranked in the top half of their bracket, both moved on to play in seven championship matches. In an unlikely event, the A and B teams ended up slotted to play each other in their final game of the day. The Rebel’s competitive spirits ran high in facing their teammates and friends, and after a tough-fought match, the A Team edged out a win by a margin of only ten points.

   The A Team finished the tournament with a record of seven wins to four losses while the B Team went six and five. After all of the statistics were calculated, the A and B teams were ranked fourth and fifth respectively out of all eighteen teams who competed. This means that both teams finished in the top 25% of the competition and are officially qualified to attend the 2019 PACE (Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence) National Tournament in Reston, Virginia. With multiple players competing for the first time at Maggie Walker, a double-qualification is an exciting surprise that speaks to a bright future for Freeman’s Quiz Bowl team.

Freeman’s A and B team during halftime. Photo: Sean Gorenflo
Freeman B team vs. Godwin. Photo: Addison Gorenflo

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