Midterm Exams: Cancelled. Read what Freeman has to say about it.

Piper Finkelson

Staff Writer

   Henrico County has cancelled mid-term exams for the sixth year in a row. This school year, the administration decided to change the timing for testing. Instead of having January exams, they were scheduled for December 11th through the 14th. Every student was hoping for the annual exam blizzard, and their wishes were granted.

   Senior Christian Smith was “very delighted to hear that exams were cancelled.” He spent his snow days “focusing on his basketball skills and spending time with his friends.” Junior Nicholas Cavallo was also happy about the cancellation, but for a different reason. He said that “midterms just bring grades down.” Nicholas believes that there is “no benefit to taking them.”

   On the other hand, science teacher Patrick Foltz believes exams are an “important component.” He says that exams are good practice for the future because “every day is an exam when you become an adult.” One thing is for sure – it will be interesting to see how the county chooses to schedule mid-term exams for the 2019-2020 school year.

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