Annual Winter Assembly Cancelled

Maddie Sherman

Staff Writer

   Freeman has cancelled its annual Winter Assembly that was originally planned for the end of the school day on Wednesday.  This decision was headed by Principal Andrew Mey and Assistant Principal Tim Sanders and was connected to the countywide decision to cancel midterm exams.  The midterm exams had been cancelled because of a loss of instructional class time; therefore, Freeman cancelled the assembly in accordance with this decision to make up for lost instructional time.

   Many students and teachers alike enjoy the Winter Assembly, as the holiday performances tend to get people excited about the upcoming break.  Math teacher Derek Podolny had even planned to dress up in holiday attire for the occasion alongside history teacher Beverly Steele, and was disappointed to learn of its cancellation.

   This perspective, however, can be a little different for the students performing with the music programs.

   Charlotte Browder, junior and show choir member, expressed slight relief in the cancellation of the assembly because she felt that the show choir performance had been “a little crunched for time.”  However, she also explained that many of her fellow show choir members were sad and had been looking forward to the performance.

   Charlotte voiced her disappointment in not being able to see other groups perform.  “I love to watch the band and other choruses perform, especially the band because I rarely see them perform,” she said.

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