Bored over break? Here’s some fun things to do this winter

Gretchen Neary

Staff Writer

When the chilly weather is getting you down, make the most of it with these 11 fun activities to do this season.

  1. Tacky Light Tour. Richmond has plenty of tacky light destinations. Make some hot chocolate, load up a car with all your friends, turn on your holiday music, and take a driving tour of Richmond. Click on this link from to discover the best routes to take in Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield, and Mechanicsville:
  2. Ice skating. A winter classic. For indoor skating, you can go to Skate Nation, but if you want to be outside, check out RVA on Ice- a rink at 17th Street Market downtown.
  3. Sledding. You are never too old to go sledding and, if the past is any indication, we will be getting lots of snow in January. Take advantage of it and gather a group of friends to sled. The University of Richmond has some good hills, but your neighborhood probably has a good spot too. If you don’t have a sled, never fear – a flat cookie sheet will work instead.
  4. Snowball fight. More fun in the snow! Gather all your friends and all your snowball skills. Find an open area and go to war.
  5. Skiing. Wintergreen Resort is a 2 hour drive away. The perfect day trip! There, you can ski, snowboard, or tube down the mountain.
  6. Movie Marathon. For those of us who dislike the cold, indoor activities may be our best bet. Netflix has a wide selection of holiday movies, including a range of cheesy, love stories, just like the ones you can find on the Hallmark Channel. My favorite so far has been “The Princess Switch” starring Vanessa Hudgens.
  7. Bake cookies. Winter is a great time to practice your baking skills. A few of my favorites to make are sugar cookies that you can cut into shapes like snowmen or candy canes, peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s kiss in the middle, or ginger snaps. For those who aren’t so skilled in the baking department, Kroger has plenty of pre-made doughs that just need to be put in the oven.
  8. Try a new restaurant. There’s no better feeling than eating a warm meal in a warm restaurant while it’s freezing cold outside. Goatocado, Taste, Jack Brown’s – the options are endless.
  9. Help those less fortunate. There are plenty of people in our community that could use some extra help this holiday season. Richmond Magazine provides a full list of organizations to reach out to, such as the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, Coats for Kids, and FeedMore where you can donate toys, clothes, time, or money to assist those in need. Read the full list here:
  10. Polar Plunge. Take a dip in the icy waters of a pool at Willow Lawn or the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Special Olympics and your participation can help!
  11. Take a tour of Richmond. Maymont, Downtown Richmond, and Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens are all beautiful during the holiday season and make great destinations to explore with friends or family.

Here are some winter activities that our Rebel’s enjoy:

Kenzie Gilson, junior: “My family and I have a secret fudge recipe and we make it every year and give it to all our neighbors.”

Charlotte Browder, junior: “I really like making and decorating cookies with my friends.”

Nick Siler, freshman: “I like ice skating.”

Virginia Garner, freshman: “Eating popcorn in Christmas pajamas while watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate.”

Cate Moffatt, junior: “I like decorating gingerbread houses with my friends, but I usually get hungry and eat it.”

Dell Vidunas, freshman: “I like celebrating Christmas.”

Ola Akinsanyn, sophomore: “I’m not a fan of the snow, but my favorite activity is just hanging with the fam and catching up on sleep.”

‘Tis the season. Enjoy it while it’s here!




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