Rebels’ Resolutions

Taylor Pounders

Staff Writer

   The New Year is always a new an exciting time for many students at Freeman. Seniors enter the year they will graduate. Juniors begin to settle in for what is known as the toughest semester of their high school career. Sophomores begin to feel a sense of maturity and Freshmen finally begin to settle into their roles as high school students. However, New Year’s Eve for many high schoolers is a night of fun with friends and family.

   One of the other things the New Year is notorious for is its resolutions. Many students make resolutions to better themselves for 2019. Senior, Christian Smith is going to try to, “stay focused on his grades and graduate in the Spring.” This is a similar goal for many seniors as 2019 begins and they prepare to graduate.

   Sophomore, Jack Ramey resolves to, “try and do his homework every night.” Following what seems to be a big theme of resolutions for Freeman students, Freshman, Taylor Shumadine is going to, “focus on school and try to stop procrastinating her work.”

   Junior, Olivia Moum is stepping out from other Rebels and following many other Americans and is going to work to, “eat healthier and have a consistent workout schedule in the New Year.”

   No matter the vast diversity of Freeman, the New Year seems to be a time in which every student and faculty member spends time working to better themselves and ultimately Freeman as a whole.

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