Teacher Raffle Kicks Off the New Year

Abigail Taylor

Staff Writer

   The start of the new year brings about a motivation to change for the better, and the Freeman PTSA has taken this idea to heart.  A health raffle for Freeman staff became available on January 7, with prizes including a free gym membership as well as various packs of health bars and other nutritious supplements.

   The idea for a fitness raffle was created by Angie Gilson, an active member of the PTSA. After the initial pitch, the committee launched into making Mrs. Gilson’s idea a reality. As a result of their work, the raffle was a great success, with teachers visiting the central office to make their entries throughout the entire day.

   Dave Inman, English teacher and administrative aide, wasn’t aware of the health raffle until later in the day.  However, he said that he was “glad to hear the PTSA created a raffle for teachers to enjoy.”

   All in all, the PTSA health raffle was a big hit.  Teachers and other employees enjoyed the treat, and as Mrs. Paige, school secretary, said, “It’s a wonderful, healthy kickoff for the new year!”

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