Summer Opportunity to Make Five Hundred Dollars

Sabereh Saleh

Staff Writer

 Everyone needs a break and some extra cash.

  A summer program called the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) “can help reboot a student’s brain,” according to Freeman librarian Laurie Kaplan. “It’s not your typical summer camp,” said Taylor Armstrong, a YCC crew supervisor.

  No electronic devices are allowed at the three-week residential summer program in order to “minimize distractions from team-building,” according to the website. The students are required to work together in order to conserve the state parks through team building projects.

  It will be physically demanding, and the goal is “to create future leaders through community engagement, physical labor, and teamwork,” according to the website.

   “You learn how to live in a community, collaboration, and critical thinking,” said Mrs. Kaplan.

  The sessions are from June 23 to July 13, and July 21 to August 10 and acceptance is heavily based on the application responses. Once the program is successfully done, crew members with receive five hundred dollars.

   The website states the experience to be “unique and impossible to forget.”

   “You get paid and you’re helping a community,” said Mrs. Kaplan. The deadline to apply is March 4th. You can find more information about this experience on their website ( and in the library.

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