Freeman v. Godwin Boys Varsity Basketball Game on Jan 11 – Recap

Steve Ulrichs

Staff Writer

   As you walk into the infamous stadium at Mills E. Godwin, boisterous chants overwhelm your eardrums. There is an estimated 1,000 people in the overflowing stands, (according to under the Friday night lights of basketball. Freeman came to the game with a record of 11-4, while Godwin’s record is 5-8.

   The game starts off with points scored by senior and team captain Michael Fortune. Both teams scored points to finish the first quarter with a score of 17-16 and a one point Rebel lead.

  The team spirit was high: Godwin’s student section theme was “Silent Night,” meaning that they stay completely quiet until Godwin scores their tenth point. As Godwin scored the tenth point, they erupted in shouts immediately after the basket was made. The crowd’s excitement is what gave the Eagles a boost for the second quarter as they outscored the Rebels by 15 points.

    They finished at half-time with a score of 42-28 and a 14-point Godwin lead. Despite being down, the Rebels were not worried, as they have shown tremendous resiliency in the second half of numerous other games. For example, the Rebels trailed by double digits in the first half and came back to win the game against Benedictine in a game this past season.

    “We have tremendous leaders. Our seniors do a good job of facilitating the locker room during halftime of our games which can help propel us for the second half,” said junior Carr Cox.

   The Eagles came out swinging in the 3rd quarter, stretching the lead to up to 21 points. Freeman outscored them 18-15 to close the gap by 3 in a 57-46 game.

  Freeman got five straight points after a Godwin made layup, closing the score differential to only 8, but Godwin was able to slow the Rebel push and ultimately win the game by a score of 78-67 on their home court.

  The rematch will take place on February 1st in Parpart pavillion.

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