Freeman Students Audition for the 2019 District Band

Ashwin Suresh

Staff Writer

   Sweaty palms, heavy breathing, and a racing heartbeat were what each student felt as they stepped up to showcase their talents in front of multiple blind judges.   

   543 students from all across central Virginia gathered at Atlee High School on Jan 5 to audition for the 2019 District Band.  Out of these students, only 200 spots were available along with nine alternates.

“I was really nervous waiting in the auditorium with over five-hundred other people,” said Junior Zach Edwards, who was one of those auditioning for a spot.

The audition process lasted all day, and was nerve wracking for those who had to wait there for potentially four or five hours.

   Approximately a week later, the results came out, and Freeman as a whole made a majority impact in the accepted musicians.  There was 25 Freeman musicians to make the 2019 District Band, which was 12% of all the people accepted.

   “I was very happy and relieved to make it because I worked really hard for the audition,” said Zach.

  The hard work has paid off for many Freeman students, and Freeman has made a name for itself through the band department’s success in the 2019 District Band.  

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