The Rebels are Quizbowl Regional Winners Once More

Balazs Kaszala

Staff Writer

 Freeman’s quiz bowl team is on track for another big year. After placing third in last year’s Class 5 Scholastic Bowl state championship, the Rebels are headed to the regional tournament again this year.

 Quiz Bowl captain and senior Will Chambers said that a lot of the traditional rivals have good teams, but there are also challengers from outside the region who may pose a challenge for the Rebels.

“It includes Godwin, Hermitage Deep Run. In other tournaments that take place at University of Virginia, or states, we’ll play teams like Thomas Jefferson [Science and Tech] in northern Virginia, or some other magnet schools like McLean. Even some schools from the Tidewater area,” said Will.

 In Quiz Bowl, there are three rounds of competition: two toss-up rounds, where anyone from either of the teams can answer, and one directed round where questions are asked specifically to one team, and only the team captain can answer.

 Will gave more information about how the team can go to the state championship.

“From regionals, the overall winner goes on to states, which is going to be at William and Mary this year. My guess is that this year Thomas Jefferson is going to come up from the north, and Princess Anne is another team we played last year. There is also usually a fourth team coming from a region that’s south or southwest from us.”

The Commentator will be sure to keep you updated throughout the tournament!


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