Man on the Street: Valentine’s Day Edition

Gretchen Neary

Staff Writer

   Yesterday, love was in the air at Freeman. Many student were decked out in pink or red, a few carried around giant teddy bears and boxes of chocolate, and many fourth periods were interrupted by the Festival Choir singing “I Miss You” by Blink-182 or “He Could Be the One” from Hannah Montana. Here are how a few Freeman students feel about Valentine’s Day:

   Senior Dulce Estrada looked like the personification of Valentine’s Day on Thursday when she decked out in pink and completed an artistic heart-themed makeup look. Dulce is in the “Teachers for Tomorrow” program and loves to dress up as she enjoys seeing the reaction from her young students at Crestview Elementary. “Kids were just attracted to my makeup and wanted to touch it,” she said. Dulce loves holidays in general, but especially Valentine’s Day because “I feel like it’s about showing love and being nice to everybody and showing people you care about them,” she said.

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   Freshmen Molly Jalette and Maddie Bond are close friends. They seem to balance each other like yin and yang: Maddie hates Valentine’s Day while Molly likes it because she “gets chocolate.” As for their plans after school, Maddie planned on “going home and eating ramen noodles,” while Molly was going to snack on a box of chocolates she received, possibly from a special someone?


   Senior Kenneth Olivar seems to side more with Maddie. He said, “I don’t think I like Valentine’s Day really.”


   Seniors Abbey Collier and Hopper Strauchler are dating. Hopper “sorta” likes Valentine’s Day, but likes the fancy chocolate associated with the holiday more. The pair planned on celebrating by “going out to get Chinese food.”


   Juniors Roxana Gruessing and Mathew Mickey have been dating for a year. They also decided to celebrate the occasion with dinner, but at Red Lobster. The duo both love chocolate, but Mathew “doesn’t like dark chocolate, only milk chocolate.”


   Whether you are single or dating, one thread seems to be common: the best part of Valentine’s Day is the food.

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