Students Now Prohibited from Ordering Lunch to School

Sarah Echols

Staff Writer

   It used to be a common occurrence for food to be dropped off in the main office for students not only by parents, but also by food delivery services like Uber Eats. However, as of Monday, February 25, these food delivery services will no longer be allowed at Freeman.

   Assistant Principal Laura Hollowell announced in a Schoology message Friday that, “students are not allowed to order food from outside businesses and have it delivered to Freeman.”

   Principal Andrew Mey explained in an announcement to administration that this new policy is because, “the deliveries have caused an unreasonable increase in traffic into the office.” It seems some students have even arranged to meet delivery drivers off-campus or opened secured school doors to receive their food from the delivery drivers. These practices cause safety concerns among administration.

   However, some students are worried about the negative effects this new policy will have on their school day. Junior Stephanie Garcia used to order Panera delivery to Freeman. “I rely on getting food delivered some days when I don’t have to time to pack a lunch in the morning,” said Stephanie.

   Whatever students may think, this new policy will be strictly enforced by the main office. “Food will be refused by staff or kept until after school hours,” Ms. Hollowell explained.

   Additionally, the school will not be responsible for any money lost by students as a result of this new policy.

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