The “Most Stuf” Oreos Review

Emme Levenson

Sports Editor

Oreos, or “milk’s favorite cookie,” are one of the world’s favorite desserts, and they have expanded their flavor range immensely by changing the color and flavor of the signature white creme. Jelly donut, watermelon, fruit punch, red velvet, double stuf, triple stuf…. the list goes on with various flavors galore.

In late January, Oreo released its newest cookie — The “Most Stuf” Oreo. Let me tell you, everyone went crazy.

Out of all of their releases, the “Most Stuf” Oreos have caused the most hype. At first they were only available at stores such as Rite Aid, but now you can find them in Kroger and various other grocery stores.

The “Most Stuf” Oreos have four times the amount of creme as regular Oreos. It’s basically two double stuf Oreos, but minus the extra two wafers.

I decided to head to Kroger and grab a box.

First off, my favorite part of the cookie is the creme, so I was pretty excited.  The cookies are huge because they have so much creme in them!

I’d have to say, taking a bite into them was straight heaven. If you are a fan of Oreo creme, these are for you. If you are a person who likes the perfect ratio of cookie to creme… stay away.

Overall, I’d rate the “Most Stuf” Oreos an 8/10. Sometimes the creme can be overwhelming, but I’d still eat them.

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