Baseball Field in Bad Shape for Upcoming Season


Ashwin Suresh

Staff Writer

Mother Nature has not been on our side this year with lots of clouds and rain, and she certainly has had no mercy to the baseball team and Freeman’s Ken Moore field.

The baseball team has not been able to go onto the field for the past three months due to extensive precipitation, which has caused severe saturation in both the dirt and the grass parts of the field.

“Every time that it rains, it is adding another three days to the long wait of getting on the field,” said baseball coach Ray Moore.

The infield has more grass than dirt at the moment, which is a problem for the players hoping to play on their field.

Another major problem with the field is the lasting problem from the Powder Puff football game in November 2018. During the game, there was an injury and an ambulance was needed. However, when the ambulance came onto the soggy field, it got stuck and the wheels spun and created a large hole in the middle of left field. Due to the grass’ softness and constant rain, repairs to the hole have been impossible.

Despite all of the current problems, Coach Moore is optimistic that the field will be ready before the first game. Coach Moore is in the process of leveling out the field and putting more seed down to fix the field.

All the players have faith in Coach Moore to work is magic and fix the field up in time. After all, there is a reason why the baseball field is named in honor of him.

The photos below show a close-up of the damage on the field.

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