Freeman’s New Film Club Is In The Works

Salaar Khan

Staff Writer

They may not be as elite as the top tier film critics of New York and Los Angeles, but Freeman High School is developing its very own Film Club.  The idea started when a group of students expressed their interest in movies and film to English teacher, Jason Abril. Mr. Abril has a background in the film industry and used to work for a movie director in Los Angeles.

“A group of freshman who had gone to Tuckahoe approached me.  They’d done a sort of short film festival in middle school and wanted to continue that here which i thought was a good idea,” said Mr. Abril.  

After deciding to sponsor the club, Mr. Abril decided to seek out student to help organize the new club.  He discussed the idea with junior Sebastian Peebles and then appointed Sebastian as the club’s leader.

“Mr. Abril approached me because we’d talked about film and he knew I was passionate about it,” said Sebastian  “He liked my enthusiasm and appointed me president”.

So far, the group has only formally met once, but Mr. Abril said that first meeting was still productive.  

“We talked about starting a project idea from the beginning, with pre-production and research, outlining and writing a script, and then evolve to eventually shooting and writing a short film,” said Mr. Abril.  

In addition, Sebastian admits that the club is still a work-in-progress.  The first steps he plans on taking include electing new officers and meeting every two weeks to maximize efficiency.  Sebastian emphasized that he wants to grow the club’s membership and add to the approximately ten members they already have.  

“I have big plans for the club in the coming future. Right now we have a pretty wide scope for what we can do.  I want to continue discussing specific movies and film theory at large. Over time, I think we could even produce a short-film of our own together,” said Sebastian.  

However, it is still uncertain whether or not these ambitions plans will ever actually materialize.  For now, Sebastian and Mr. Abril both remain cautiously optimistic about the club future in the next couple of of months.  

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