Latin Students Take On Foreign Language Week

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Taylor Pounders

Staff Writer

  Foreign Language week is a fun and exciting time for not only the students and teachers involved in the world language department, but also for the rest of Freeman.

  The Latin department has long had a tradition of wearing togas for the foreign language week. Students have the opportunity to earn extra credit for showing their spirit of the Latin culture around the halls of Freeman.

  When asked about her experience of participating in foreign language week, freshman Teagan Newbould said, “I wanted the extra credit. I also liked wearing the toga because I’m part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment society, so my toga dress was already made.”

  Another student who enjoyed the festivities this week is freshman Ryan Evans. “Wearing the toga is very fun. I feel like I’m wearing a shower curtain to school,” he said.

 Sophomore Ola Akinsanya was another student who took advantage of the opportunities of this week by wearing a toga. “I wanted to get some extra credit, but it’s a cute outfit I guess,” she said.

 One of Freeman’s Latin teachers, Ray Moore, has a great appreciation for this week and the acknowledgement it gives to the Latin culture.

  “It’s a great opportunity to showcase the world language department and to bring to the forefront the things that we do each day in the world language department,” he said with a smile.


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