Frank Woolwine Benefit Game March 7

Davis Buckbee

Staff Writer

   On March 7, 2019, Freeman’s varsity lacrosse team defeated Collegiate 14-12 in the 3rd annual benefit game for the The Frankie Woolwine Story, Inc.

   The game serves as a season-opener for both schools, however, the true meaning behind the game is to remember Freeman student Frank Woolwine. In August of 2016, Frank passed away in a car accident under the influence of alcohol. Friends, teachers, and teammates alike remembered him as a happy-go-lucky student who had a bright future in athletics.

   “The game brings awareness to a topic desperately needed to be discussed in high schools not just in central Virginia, but across the country,” said junior Freeman lacrosse starter Pierce Martin.

   Proceeds from ticket sales benefited the non-profit founded in Frank’s name by his father, Roy Woolwine. The proceeds and donations help fund Mr. Woolwine as he travels to speak at schools across the region to tell Frank’s story and warn against the consequences of drinking and driving.

   Frank attended both Collegiate and Freeman, and had a plethora of friends at both schools: friends who helped brainstorm the idea of a benefit game in his name after his death.

   “We are normally close rivals with Collegiate, but while the game is competitive, we unite this night every year for a cause greater than lacrosse,” said junior lacrosse player Steve Ulrichs.

Collegiate’s lacrosse team stands under the scoreboard during the Frank Woolwine benefit game on March 7

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