3D Printing Comes to Freeman

Abby Taylor

Staff Writer

   A new form of artistic expression has been installed at Freeman, in the form of four new 3D printers in the library. Thanks to contributions from the PTA, school fund, and Ms. Ciokan herself, the printers are here to stay, and they have already made a huge impact on the student body.  

   “It seems to be a big hit with students across the board,” said Mrs. Ciokan. “The printers are always running.”

   However, creating a 3D design isn’t always easy.  Using the program “TinkerCad” you can make just about anything that comes to mind, but what you can imagine is not always so easy to recreate. An example of a 3D printer creation is shown below.

   As shown in the first image, the final print of the character did not turn out the way it was designed. “We will try printing it again, but the face will probably turn out the same,” explained Ms. Ciokan, adding that making “the whiskers fatter” may help the design turn out neater.  The missing ear was included in the packaging the character came in, but will require superglue to become attached again.

   For more information about 3D printing rules, regulations, and classes, stay tuned for the upcoming issue of The Commentator!

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